Which Is Better Buy ??? Vivo X50 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Comparison, Cameras And Speedtest


Hello Guys,

If you looking to purchase a new Smartphone and has a budget of around 40 thousand then you should read this.

If you are someone who desperately wants to buy Vivo phones or Samsung phones only then you have got choices here as Vivo x50 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

Look & Feel 

In terms of looks and feel Vivo is much better compared to Samsung Note 10 lite as Vivo x50 is very slim and has a really nice frosted glass back which looks stunning in hands whereas Samsung has Plastic back which is gradient but it does not look as premium as Vivo and Samsung Note 10 Lite is Bulky so here Vivo is a clear choice.


In terms of processor, Samsung is better as it has Exynos 9810 which is a flagship processor but its last generation Processor and Vivo also has SD 730 which is again good enough for regular task but at 35000 I would not suggest it to anyone so here Samsung Wins.

Here's the video of speedtest between these two


here comes the main part both have the pretty good camera setup and cameras are very much impressive on both the devices so here I won't talk much instead I would suggest you go and check out my complete camera comparison between these two.

Here's the video

Apart from this, there are many things which separate these two but these were the main things which everyone should look at while making a purchase decision.