How Does Artificial Intelligence Improve Our Living?


Artificial Intelligence is the next-generation technology that will completely change the world. AI and machine learning are used to analyze human behavior. In the future human can replace with artificial intelligence because of AI following human intelligence like learning, problem-solving, planning, reasoning, perception, creativity, and social intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is thought like a human and perform their actions. The ideal characteristics of AI are the ability to justify and take action that has the best chance to solve any problem and achieve a specific goal like a human.

How AI Can Improve our Living?

Here are given some examples of how Artificial Intelligence can improve our living

1. Better home security

If you want better home security then you can consider AI integrated camera system and alarms. You didn’t need humans for your home security because AI is done it very well. AI integrated alarm and camera systems utilize the machine learning and face detection system to create a list of people who frequently visit your home. This system easily identifies strangers or unknown instantly. AI security is a starting step toward home automation which is useful for many other features like tracking the movement of your pets, your children arrive home from school. These systems also notify when emergency services are needed which makes them the next generation and great alternative service.

2. Driverless cars

Artificial Intelligence is the base of the development of driverless or automatic cars. In fact, according to research AI-powered cars are already better than human driving when talking about its safety and there will be more than 10 million driverless cars on the road by the end of 2020. Researchers believe the driverless cars are 90 percent safe than human drivers. Every year more than 45,000 accidents occur in the US so, this is a life-saving technology. Self-driving cars will improve the quality of life of those who might not be able to drive a car easily like a person has some disabilities or a blind person to take a solo trip.    

3. Digital media or digital assistants

Digital assistants are very popular in the last few years like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can use digital assistants for many purposes but some of them are the most popular and common uses like voice searches, scheduling, alarms and timers, reminders, media playback, etc. Many digital assistants use Artificial Intelligence to understand the expression of humans. This allows the device to understand the sentence spoken by the user and respond properly. The natural language processing will get better results until digital media or assistants sound like humans. 

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning also help digital assistants to improve mistakes without needing human. Like iPhone users speak to Siri if that it makes a mistake in responding to the user then it will learn from that data to avoid repeating mistakes. It does not need humans to solve the problem.

4. Prevention from fraudsters

Fraud is the big problem today so, the banking system using Artificial Intelligence to send a mobile notification to detect and prevent from fraud. If in any case, the large amounts of transactions occur in your account then you may receive a warning message on your mobile. If any unwanted activities occur in your account then your account might be flagged and you maybe report the problem. AI enables such warnings and analyzes your daily transaction to identify unwanted patterns in your behavior. 

5. Improve education

In the US the growing gap between high-school graduates and college enrollment rates among urban and rural students as of 2017-18 was very low and teachers went on strike because of these three issues like shortage of textbooks, insufficient facilities, and not enough wage. AI helps to improve education and relieving the burden of teachers and increase meaningful education today for students.

Especially rural students who are undeserved can utilize Artificial Intelligence programs to complete different learning courses. Just imagine a young child who lives at the farm with their parents and then simply going to school daily is a challenging task in this situation and accessing high-speed internet may also a big problem. If he installs AI educational software then he will learn very easily without any problem. 

6. Music suggestions

Every day, there are thousands or even millions of new tracks or music uploads on the internet or in the music listening services like Gaana, and Spotify. AI plays a big role in the sorting tracks through all of the tracks and providing users with suggestions based on their past listening history. Like, Spotify gives suggestions for newly released songs, old favorites, and many more depending on your listening history or your behavior. 

Spotify music also uses Artificial Intelligence for natural language processing (NLP) which analyzes human voice. So, AI easily understands how different people feel about music and tracks and it will give good suggestions to the user.